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About Us

Who we are

A group of enthusiastic and experienced golfers introducing a new way of practicing and playing golf to Indonesia.

What we do

We are sharing our passion for golf while helping to develop the skills of all golfer from the casual player to the most serious competitor, kids and adults, men and ladies, young and old. 


Why we do it

Making golf more available for everyone, while introducing a new way of enjoying golf that could lead to increasing golfing population and the development of the golf industry in Indonesia.

Where we do it

Conveniently located in the heart the Senopati area, our studio’s location makes for easy access from the Sudirman and South Jakarta areas.


  • "I enjoy going to Advance Golf Studio because I get instant feedback on my shots, I can hit my golf ball of choice and I am surrounded by golf enthusiasts."
    Dan Richards
  • "With state of the art bays, leading PGA Tour technology and a team of seasoned coaching professionals Advance Golf Studio is the premium learning center for golfers of any skill level in Jakarta."
    Golf Indonesia Review
  • "After working with the team at Advance Golf Studio I brought my handicap down from a 15 to an 8 in just 6 months!"
    Simon Reynolds